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The area being considered is located off the coast of Dublin, Meath and Louth. The closest potential turbine location would be 13.5km from shore.

When determining the location of the project, a major consideration is the balance between maximising the distance from the coast but ensuring the seabed is suitable for fixed-base wind turbines. Fixed-base turbines can be constructed in waters up to a depth of 50 to 60 metres.

This would mean that within the MAC Maritime Area Consent – Projects that obtain a MAC are required to apply for all requisite consents and planning permission and will be subject to the full assessment procedures by An Bord Pleanála.  area associated with this project, turbines would be located between circa 13.5km and circa 29km offshore.

As the design is finalised, we will continue to revise the distance and layout of the wind turbines in consideration of the visual appropriateness of the local area.

What could the Wind Farm look like?

With this project being in the Design Review Stage,  photomontages of what a 35 and 46 turbine layout could look like have been generated and are available to view in our Virtual Consultation Room.

These photomontages are a key part of our public consultation and we continue to welcome feedback on the images.

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