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Sustainable energy can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

The need to deliver a sustainable future is vital. We must address the issues of climate change and energy security. To do so, developing more secure and sustainable sources of renewable energy is essential.

Recent reports show the risks associated with securing energy from overseas, while the increasing cost of fossil fuel-based energy has been felt by households across the country. The answer to these issues is sitting on our doorstep and just waiting to be realised.

NISA can allow us to access our own source of secure, affordable, clean and sustainable energy.

Not only is this project developing a sustainable form of energy, the development of the project is also guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sustainability of the project is strengthened by delivering climate action, by ensuring a responsible supply chain and by engaging in essential and meaningful stakeholder engagement with the local community and the resident fishing community. 

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The location of each baseline photograph is surveyed to within 10cm of accuracy meaning the photomontages are extremely accurate in terms of location and size of the proposed turbines. These photomontages are created using an industry standard process and governed by very strict guidelines. They have also been peer reviewed as part of the proposed development’s EIA process, with no concerns regarding the validity of the photomontages.