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Renewable energy projects can deliver many benefits that not only help our country and our local community, but also the wider world. The main benefits associated with the development of the NISA project in terms of sustainability, climate action and energy security are outlined below. 

Local Benefits

  • Community Benefit Fund of €80 million, supporting:

    • Environmental initiatives
    • Energy efficiency schemes
    • Social and economic projects
    • Fishing industry

  • Local business opportunities

    Stakraft encourages local businesses to offer services such as Engineering Services, Hospitality, Fuel Supply or Office Space.
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  • Rates to local authorities

    Whilst the exact rates that will be payable are not yet known, it can be said that these rates would be significant and make a meaningful contribution to the annual accounts of those local authorities.

  • Improved public services

    The recurring revenue incomes from the rates that will be paid to local authorities will contribute to the improvement of local public services.

  • Job creation

    Offshore wind creates employment opportunities in areas such as manufacturing, construction, scientific research and electricity generation, with offshore wind developers providing training to create the high-skilled workforce required.


Under the Offshore Renewable Energy Support Scheme (ORESS), the Government has required that all renewable energy projects invest money into local areas. Under RESS, NISA will have a Community Benefit Fund of approximately €4 million per annum for 20 years.

Local communities will be central to the decision-making process of how a Community Benefit Fund should be used. Regardless of any funding, transitioning to a low-carbon society is the right thing to do and it will see long lasting benefits for all of us. 

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