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Local Benefits

Renewable energy projects can deliver many benefits that not only help our country and our local community, but also the wider world. The main benefits associated with the development of the NISA project in terms of the environment, climate targets, community and strengthening our economy are outlined below.

Local Benefits

Environmental Benefits

The project has the opportunity to displace half a million tonnes of CO2 annually supporting Ireland’s climate goals and our move to clean, renewable energy. It will help reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels and give us security of our own, locally generated energy supply.

Community Benefit Fund

A Community Benefit Fund could reach approximately €4million each year or €80 million over the lifetime of the project –giving residents the opportunity to bring about transformative and positive change to their local community. These projects could span environmental initiatives, energy efficiency schemes and social and economic projects. Since 2019, the project team has been engaging with local community groups on the process with a view to aggregating information, feedback and submissions which could guide the direction of the Community Benefit Fund.

Strenghtening our Economy

Developing offshore wind energy also has the potential to support thousands of jobs in years to come all around the country through the maturing of supply chain, building out our nation’s ports and stimulating foreign investment thanks to a robust energy infrastructure.

Local Employment

Offshore wind creates employment opportunities in areas such as manufacturing, construction, scientific research and electricity generation. Over the duration of this project, it is estimated that over 1,100 jobs will be created though the construction and management periods.

Supporting Local Enterprise

With a development of this scale comes large indirect opportunities to support the growth of local communities and their own local economies. We hope to support businesses of all scale and size providing opportunities for Engineering Services, Hospitality, Fuel Supply or Office Space.

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Photomontage Viewer

The location of each baseline photograph is surveyed to within 10cm of accuracy meaning the photomontages are extremely accurate in terms of location and size of the proposed turbines. These photomontages are created using an industry standard process and governed by very strict guidelines. They have also been peer reviewed as part of the proposed development’s EIA process, with no concerns regarding the validity of the photomontages.