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In order to establish the most appropriate turbine locations and cable routes, investigation works have been undertaken that will provide information on the existing seabed and geotechnical conditions. These investigations will ensure we understand the local area as much as possible before we submit our planning application.

Two foreshore licences have been awarded to NISA by the Department of Planning, Housing and Local Government for consideration. These permit the initial offshore survey effort to inform WTG locations and cabling arrangements. 

NISA have been coordinating with the fisheries industry and all other relevant stakeholders in order to avoid any unnecessary disruption to existing activities. NISA remains committed to working positively with the fishing industry going forward.

During public consultation events and other meetings over recent months, we advised attendees that we have applied for a Maritime Usage Licence (MUL). This application was submitted to the Maritime Area Regulatory Authority (MARA) and is currently published on its website. Through MARA, this MUL application will be consulted on during March 2024. Surveys associated with this MUL would likely occur in the latter part of 2024 or early 2025.

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The location of each baseline photograph is surveyed to within 10cm of accuracy meaning the photomontages are extremely accurate in terms of location and size of the proposed turbines. These photomontages are created using an industry standard process and governed by very strict guidelines. They have also been peer reviewed as part of the proposed development’s EIA process, with no concerns regarding the validity of the photomontages.