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Proactive engagement with communities from an early stage, both on and offshore, has been key to reaching the most suitable and appropriate project design

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Jim O'Reilly

Your Community Liaison Officer

Jim O'Reilly

To contact your Community Liaison Officer, please email

Engagement is not simply about providing information. We want the community to engage proactively with us too.

NISA is a project that is ultimately about delivering for people and the future and we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to have an input into how the project is delivered.

In the interest of making sure that our engagement with the community is as comprehensive as possible, we encourage anyone with feedback or a project query to use our Engagement Area, or email Jim O'Reilly on

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Photomontage Viewer

The location of each baseline photograph is surveyed to within 10cm of accuracy meaning the photomontages are extremely accurate in terms of location and size of the proposed turbines. These photomontages are created using an industry standard process and governed by very strict guidelines. They have also been peer reviewed as part of the proposed development’s EIA process, with no concerns regarding the validity of the photomontages.