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Why Wind Energy? Key Facts

Wind Energy

  • Wind energy is clean, sustainable source of energy
  • Wind energy drives down the cost of electricity
  • At any one time, the grid can operate at 85% renewable energy
  • In February 2022, 53% of the electricity consumed came from renewable sources
  • The renewable energy projects are there to deliver 80% renewable energy usage by 2030
  • WEI/Baringa report showed that 4.1GW of wind energy was installed in Ireland over 20 years, at a cost of €1 per person per year. 
  • Wind energy saved 4 million tonnes of CO2 in 2020, more than every other form of renewable energy in Ireland combined.
  • Wind energy provided 41% of Ireland’s electricity in January 2023 – a record high for the month of January.

Wind Farm Key Facts

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