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Whose Responsibility Is It?

We all have both an individual and collective responsibility to identify and make the most of opportunities – households and communities alike need to take action!

Government – There is a clear path from Government to drive climate action forward and increase energy security for Ireland. With that comes a responsibility to ensure that those goals can be delivered by driving collaboration and action across public bodies, industry, and communities. 

Local Authorities – Local Authorities play a crucial role in identifying, promoting and supporting developments within their counties which will play a part in addressing the future needs of the county and the country.

Individuals – As individuals we need to:

  1. Assess our own carbon footprints. This is not only to protect the environment but also to protect our own situations into the future.
  2. We need to assess each opportunity that arises on its merits. Not all projects that will be put forward for consideration will be appropriate but where this is the case these projects deserve our support.


Energy Providers – As a developer, Statkraft Ireland are responsible for a project’s lifecycle across development, construction, and operation. We aim to develop projects that are suitable and appropriate to the local area. This is done through careful site selection and engagement with all stakeholders to get their feedback. We want local areas to benefit – not just during construction, but after the project is operational. Our aim is to manage the project responsibly while ensuring that it delivers benefits to the local community.  


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