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Climate Action

The urgency of the need to deliver climate action is now beyond any doubt. This urgency, coupled with the visible impacts of climate change can lead many of us to a sense of helplessness and fear.

According to a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency, called Climate Change in the Irish Mind:

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of Irish people are worried about climate change


say taking action to reduce climate change will improve Ireland’s quality of life


think taking action to reduce climate change will improve economic growth and create jobs


say Ireland has a responsibility to act on climate change and should do what it can to reduce its own greenhouse emissions

That's where projects like NISA come in.

NISA can tackle climate change by:

  • Powering thousands of homes with clean energy
  • Displacing thousands of tonnes of CO2
  • Providing green energy to power homes, heating, cars and businesses
  • Helping Ireland meet its ambitious targets of 80% renewables by 2030
  • Delivering a dedicated Community Benefit Fund that could help local households adopt low-carbon technologies like retrofitting, insulation, and heating solutions.

In the most recent Climate Action Plan , Ireland committed to increasing its offshore wind capacity to 9GW by 2030 and reach 80% renewable energy by 2030. NISA has a key role to play in reaching these targets.

And this is possible. Wind energy provided 41% of Ireland’s electricity in January 2023 – a record high for the month of January. It was up 9% on January 2022 and was the seventh best month on record for wind power.

Ireland’s electricity grid started out as a world leader in renewable energy with the construction and operation of the Ardnacrusha facility in the 1929. Our electricity demand has continued to grow over the years, and it is clear that our electricity generation system needs to revert to its roots in developing a clean, green renewable energy mix.

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