The North Irish Sea Array or NISA was first mooted in 2009 by a company called Gaelectric. That company carried out a number of studies and made an application to the Department for a foreshore site investigation licence which was granted in February 2012. However, Gaelectric did not advance the project from that point.

Statkraft is now taking this work forward and looking to develop the proposal. The project has moved on from advanced concept design, and surveys, consultations and assessments will be carried out over the next year, to inform the content of a planning application submission for the project.

We have already started to engage with those who work in fisheries in order to inform our initial consideration of how this proposal might work best. We have listened to their views and we are endeavouring to incorporate their feedback in our design proposal in order to minimise any impacts on commercial fishing and maximise the capture all opportunities for benefits for the fishing community. These discussions have influenced our initial design concept which has reduced the number of turbines and the potential visual impacts (See further information on the Pod Concept page)

As we gather more information our proposals will be further refined.