North Irish Sea Array

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Engagement Area

Environmental Surveys

While we gain invaluable knowledge from consulting with local communities, we will be conducting studies and surveys to understand the locale and surrounding areas. Some of these will require desktop research while others will require surveys on the areas being considered.

The findings from these surveys will inform the development of the proposed project and will be published in our Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) as part of the NISA planning application.

Environmental Surveys & Studies

(ongoing since 2019)


Ornithology & Marine Mammal Surveys


Marine Traffic Surveys


Benthic Surveys

Marine Biological Communities

Intertidal Surveys

All marine activities


Oceanographic & meteorologocal surveys

Marine Archaeology

Location of ship wrecks and areas of marine archaeology potential

Geological Investigations

Geotechnical & Geophysical surveys


Bird Surveys


Ecological Surveys

Mammals & natural habitats

Site Investigations

Geotechnical & location of existing services

Traffic & Transport

Traffic surveys & studies


Archaeological assessments

Noise & Air Quality

Establishing baselines

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