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Geophysical Survey to begin

We’re delighted to announce that our geophysical survey effort on the North Irish Sea Array (NISA) Offshore Wind Farm will start towards the end of May and carry on throughout June. 👏

Fugro will carry out the surveys on our behalf in a vessel called the Mercator. 🌊  

Subject to weather conditions, it will use various technologies to analyse the sea-bed such as multibeam echo-sounders, side scan sonars, magnetometers and sub-bottom profiling. ⛵

The data collected will be used to inform indicative turbine location and potential cable corridors.  

The NISA project was granted a Foreshore Licence at the end of 2021, which allows it to gather information and undertake preliminary site investigations to understand the conditions.

The proposed wind farm will have the potential to power over half a million homes with clean energy.  

Environmental surveys are also ongoing as part of the environmental impact assessment report.